Annual Tournament

The Samurai Fitness Group has an Annual Tournament every year.

This year, the Tournament happened on Sunday afternoon, October 15th at St Pirans School, Maidenhead.

It's a really fun afternoon where students are introduced to a martial arts competition giving your child the opportunity to build their confidence and test their Kickboxing abilities against other students from The Samurai Fitness Group.

All students of The Samurai Fitness Group regardless of age or experience can take part. 


There are 4 categories in which students can participate: 

  1. High Kick - Highest kick wins (techniques relevant to grades apply)
  2. Power Technique - Demonstrate the power generated against a pad or break-board
  3. Sequence - 5 consecutive techniques up to their grade (on the day of the Tournament)
  4. Sparring - Point-stop or continuous sparring depending upon grade and experience. Every student sparring must have equipment approved by The Samurai Fitness Group. Little Samurai students must be Purple Tag and Young Samurai's Yellow Stripe and above to spar.


Gold, Silver & Bronze medals are awarded for each competition and every student receives a certificate for attending. 


Instructors will demonstrate techniques and sparring


£15 per student regardless of competitions entered

£25 for a family booking (one or more sibling)


The Samurai Fitness Group present 2 exciting awards at the Tournament;

  • Student of the Year - for consistent high technical standards, enthusiasm and commitment to kickboxing;
    • THIS YEAR'S WINNER - 2017
      • Joshua Tucker
      • Michael Brazenor - Highly Commended
    • 2015
      • Chloe Wallis - Winner
      • Benjamin Frewer & Rhiannon Thomas - Highly Commended
    • 2013
      • Josh Gamble
    • Nick Metcalfe Award - Matt met Nick at University in Southampton where they both trained in Tae Kwon-do. Nick was a very close friend of Matt's who sadly passed away in a road traffic accident. He was renowned for the character traits to which this award now embraces and Matt consequently holds the student who receives this award in considerably high regard. It goes to a student who demonstrates determination, perseverance and dedication;
      • THIS YEAR'S WINNER - 2017 
        • Cian Mellon
        • Joshua Harty - Highly Commended
      • 2015
        • Michael Brazenor - Winner
        • Amar Lally & Miles Gaugier - Highly Commended
      • 2013
        • Melissa Brodie
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    We look forward to seeing you there!

    High Kick

    Our Parents Love The Samurai Fitness Group's Tournaments Because...

    I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the organisation of the Annual Tournament. With the amount of children taking part and the sessions you had to go through, it was so well organised. It was also very obvious that the children taking part took pride in their sport and enjoyed every minute of it. Matt, thank you so much for your dedication to our children.

    Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the Tournament on Saturday. Well organised, loads of fun and learning. We appreciate the effort you put in to make it such a success and great to see how you progress their skills too.

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