Easter Camp 2018

Our kickboxing camps are always safe, professional and great fun.

Just some of the benefits for children attending our camps include; 

1) Improving health through exercise (we provide an alternative to hours spent online or in front of the TV)

2) Learning something new

3) Fostering independence and social skills

4) Gaining self confidence

Our excellent Instructors teach kickboxing techniques for novice and more experienced students at the appropriate level. We incorporate kickboxing techniques in to team games and races including different versions of tag, dodge ball and capture the flag. Activities also include combining kickboxing with gymnastics to create the latest tricks and kicks!

We will be running our Easter camp at:

Holy Trinity School, Cookham from 9am - 3pm 

Monday 9th - Friday 13th April

£25 / day

£70 for 3 days

£115 for the week


Beginners always welcome!

There will be a Grading on the Friday for those that are ready.

Please check with your Instructor before booking the Grading (separately to the camp).

Please use the button further down the page to book your day(s) at camp!

Summer Camp 2017

Our popular, fun-filled, 3 week long Summer Camp was a great success back in the summer holidays. 

There was a great mix of those who hadn't been before and existing students

Check out the video above to see what exciting things happen at one of our camps!

Congratulations to the following students who passed their Gradings at camp;

Daniel Butler - Red

Magnus Warren - Red

Dillon Kirk - Yellow (Double Graded)

Mikey September - Orange (Triple Graded)

Isabella Sinomati - Orange (Double Graded)

Tara Mellon - Purple

Sam Renouff - Blue

Harry Corder - Red

Guy Brenem - Red

Cerys Smith - Red

Oscar Brookes - Red

Will Tyrell - Yellow

Zak Taylor - Yellow

Jonah Taylor - Yellow

James Horton - Yellow

Jack Barry - Yellow

Euan Gordon - Orange

Earla Warren - Orange

John Caen - Green

Issac Haruna-conlon - Green

Ali Hussain - Green (Double Graded)

Tom Harris-Evans - Green

Sam Dineen - Green

Cian Mellon - Purple

Benjamin Frewer - Purple

Henry Scott - Purple

Joshua Tucker - Blue

Yuguiv Talwar - Brown

Charlie Walsh - Yellow

Our Parents Love The Samurai Fitness Group Camps Because...

My son absolutely loved the last Star Wars camp week so congratulations to you and the team for coming up with such a fantastic holiday camp!

The boys adored the camp today whilst I did my admin. They came out beaming and really enjoyed the Star Wars games. Please pass on my thanks to Sam and Charlotte!

I just wanted to email as my boys attended your Summer Camp in Gerrards Cross and absolutely loved it! He now wants to do the after-school club you're running at his school. Unfortunately, they couldn't remember the names of their Instructors but please pass on our thanks to them. I managed to catch the end of the session and both Instructors were brilliant and all the children seemed to be having fun.

The classes are well run and they have always been very good all round including when my son has done summer camp classes too. It’s one of the best things he’s become involved in, he absolutely loves it and I've been really happy with them.

e: info@TheSamuraiFitnessGroup.com 

t: 07828 534817

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